Few options for upcoming City College ASG election

Cafeteria issue seen as a factor in low ASG participation.


Jonny Rico

The Associated Student Government is lacking students willing to get involved. By Jonny Rico/City Times

Jesse Altilio, Staff Writer

San Diego City College will be holding elections for the Associated Student Government on April 10-11, according to an email sent by college administrators this week. 

This year’s ASG election follows the low participation trend set in previous elections. 

Student Affairs announced the candidates running for ASG last month. The announcement only listed three candidates for a total of 17 open positions.  

In addition to the low number of candidates, there has also been a low number of students participating in the election process. Student Affairs wanted to know why the previous voter turnout was so low, noticing only 218 people voted on a campus of over 14,000 students. Its office had ASG poll students to find out why.

“We’ve really tried to look at why we’ve had fewer students know more about the election process,” said Marciano Perez, dean of student affairs. “I think some of it was tied to not having a cafeteria, because in the past, thats where they held their forums.

“That’s where all the candidates used to campaign, you’d constantly see ‘oh, it’s election time.’” 

Sebastian Dunne and Andrew Leal at the head of a conference room table
Jonny Rico
ASG President Andrew Leal (left) and ASG Senate President Sebastian Dunne lead an ASG meeting . By Jonny Rico/City Times

Most students don’t know much about the associated student government elections. 

Students who want to run should establish whether they’re eligible prior to campaigning by contacting Student Affairs. There’s a minimum of 100 signatures to be added to the ballot, and every candidate must be pre-screened for requirements such as minimum GPAs.

In recent elections there have been multiple uncontested positions that had to be appointed afterwards. Perez said that San Diego City College wants to change that, meaning the school has to get students engaged and out to the polls. 

“What I can tell you is that we’re making a concerted effort this year to really promote the ASG election,” Perez said.

Student Affairs and the ASG plan to hold campaign events to inform students about topics like who can run for office, how to declare your intent to run for office, how to vote, and forums where students can get to know the candidates. An election forum is scheduled for Monday April 8, two days before the ASG elections open up on-line. 

Overseeing this election cycle will be, Miguel Antonio Cibrian, the appointed student election commissioner. Cibrian’s role is to manage the entire process, be a neutral third party, ensure a free and fair election were election codes are followed, and to handle grievances.

The San Diego Community College District plays a similar role, ensuring rules are observed and certifying election results. 

The ASG president serves as both the representative of the student body at City College, but additionally serves as student trustee on the SDCCD board.