City College EOPS preps students for summer session

Students looking for answers about course options, student fees and federal aid


Chris LeFall

EOPS counselors like Doc Rivera (center) talked to students about summer options at a recent virtual town hall. Photo by Chris LeFall

Chris LeFall, Staff Writer

With the spring semester at City College coming to a close, Student Services programs are meeting online to help students with their enrollments for the summer session.

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS), a state-funded program that provides support for students who have complex obstacles to college, held a town hall meeting via Zoom on May 8. 

The hour-long Zoom meeting was conducted by Lilian Garcia, Program Activity Manager, and a number of EOPS counselors.

Students chimed in one after the next once the meeting went live. Some students were concerned with classes they needed that weren’t available at City, like Physics 196, a class that’s a requirement for some majoring in engineering.

Counselors provided detailed information on finding classes. Students were advised to leave the campus selection field on the My SDCCD portal open when searching for classes, instead of selecting City College.

With all classes conducted online this summer, students are more free to search campuses including Miramar and Mesa for a specific course.

Link: Enroll in summer courses here.

EOPS students also had questions about the system giving the option to take courses online or on-campus, even though the San Diego Community College District announced classes would remain online.

“The on-campus option for a class allows a lecture via Zoom,” said EOPS counselor Doc Rivera, “and online would strictly be online.”

Students were also concerned about the $19 fee that is due at registration. The fee, it was announced, is for the Student Health Center, which has made all its services available remotely.

Students also questioned any advantage to the Pass/No Pass grading option.

“You should use the resources that are available to you,  especially when you need them the most,” EOPS counselor Salem Berhanu said.

 Questions were asked about The CARES Act money that’s supposed to be provided to students from the federal government. It’s still not clear how funds will be allocated beyond what was shared at the most recent City College Town Hall meeting on May 7.