City College creates allocation plan with the money received from federal aid

College Council discusses federal aid, transfer updates, structure for college and Wi-Fi lots

Zoom screenshot - CARES Act

A slide on how the CARES Act money will be disbursed to students and the college was shared at the May 12 College Council meeting. YouTube screenshot

Gabriel Schneider, Staff Writer

After several weeks of configuration, City College has created an allocation plan for how it will disperse the federal aid from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

In a City Council meeting today, Vice President of Students Services, Denise Whisenhunt describes the layout of the CARES Act for City College students. 

“It’s all being done through this process called JIRA,” Whisenhunt said.

Students will fill out an application through JIRA to prove that they were impacted by COVID-19.

“Students will be applying through our district-wide JIRA process for these resources,” Whisenhunt said.  “It’s probably going to go out like tomorrow morning.”

The amount of money students will receive will be based on how many units they are currently enrolled in.

The projected amount is up to $300-400 for each student. The deadline to submit applications is May 25.

College Council DREAMERS slide
This is the plan made for students who do not qualify for the CARES Act. YouTube screenshot

The CARES Act does not offer relief funds to international, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients and students enrolled exclusively online before March 13.

However, there has been donated money set aside that will go to Dreamers and undocumented students for financial aid, “for those students not included in the plan,” Whisenhunt said.

“This is a draft of how we are proposing to spend what amounts to $1.4 million of the institutional portion,” said Shabazz. “That number might go up or may go down.”

Zoom College Council federal aid
The CARES Act allocations for the institutions’ half of the federal aid explained. YouTube screenshot

During the council meeting,  a question was posted about the significant difference between the allocations listed by the government and the amount stated on the allocation plan for City College by a City Times reporter.

“The campus is working with various constituent groups to finalize our CARES Act Stimulus plan,” wrote @SDCityFinancial Aid on the YouTube chat.

Transfer updates

Transfer info for College Council
Facts for students who are transferring in Fall 2020 were shared with the College Council on May 12. YouTube screenshot

The Director of Student Transition Services Abdul Malik Buul explained the updated information for transfer students during the meeting.

There are implications for choosing pass/no pass courses he said.

“Most UC’s have given an exemption but are deferring to each department,” Buul said. “So it’s very very important that (students) check in with each department.”

Many universities are still accepting applications for transfer students, which Buul said you can find on the Transfer Center social media or website.

Update on the Institutional Effectiveness and Partnership Initiative (IEPI) project

Vice President of the Classified Senate Sean Ryan explained the project that was made to improve the operational effectiveness of community colleges.

“There are about five main hubs, main houses in the City College campus community,” Ryan said.

Ryan emphasized the importance of having all five main houses working together with the College Council being “the backbone.”

Wi-Fi lot coming

Additional details were shared about the campus’ Wi-Fi lot.

Link: Learn more about the Wi-Fi lot on campus

“Now (students) will be able to access a Wi-Fi lot, Shabazz said. “College officials will be monitoring the lot.” 

Social distancing will still be enforced and emergency services are still available such as college police. 

Hours will be 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday. The Wi-Fi lot will be located in parking lot 5.