Why I would rather vote for Trump

Melissa De Pineres

When I speak about supporting Donald J. Trump, people look at me as if I were worshiping a devil. As unconventional as it sounds, I am not a Republican. I am a Latina with a Women Studies degree. So why am I considering such a vote?

I should point out also that I voted for Barack Obama in the last presidential election and I have always been independent, with no political party preference.

It always excited me that a woman could become the president of the United States. Such a powerful, influential country with a woman running it could really challenge patriarchy and history. Although this was all I could want and wish for the country I live in, overall, I’d rather vote for Trump than for Hillary Clinton.

When I see a Trump campaign logo that says, “Make America Great Again,” all I read is, “Make America, America Again.” Trump’s conservative ideas are not exactly thrilling for me but I can understand their purpose. His focus is not to be welcoming and open, but to protect Americans who are in the country legally.

To start a new, fair system that will eradicate all corruption, to pass a constitutional amendment for term limits on Congress, to get rid all those in the White House who are corrupt and are making the same mistakes over and over again, could benefit the country with new opportunities and fresh ideas for Congress.

The fact that Trump wants to exclude illegal immigrants because they are only “rapists and criminals” is a misconception by people of my country, Mexico. But the reality that citizens are paying benefits for some people who are not legal is an injustice that we seem to turn our backs on. I support an economic plan that will fix the economy at 4 percent per year and create jobs for legal residents, which will diminish poverty.


No, I do not support a wall that divides Mexico and the United States or de-funding Planned-Parenthood. But I also do not support a woman who has a foundation to support girls and women, and yet accepts funds from countries that practice Sharia law. And I am certainly afraid of a campaign that has used agitators to foment violence at their opponent’s rallies, as a DNC operative recently admitted on a video currently circulating the Internet.

This is my own opinion … and if you are upset and want to change my view point, it will not be easy. As disgusted I am by this choice, Trump has convinced me that there is really no other good choice. I’d rather vote for someone who actually wants to make a change in this country, than for someone who just wants to be president.