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SeaWorld settlement funds reach City College students

SeaWorld settlement funds reach City College students

March 13, 2017

On the second and third week of February, some City College students and alumni received part of their $328,333 settlement from SeaWorld. “Why did...

Career fair directs students to the future

Organizations of all types from Fedex to the Chula Vista came out to recruit onward moving City students on April 23. Photo credit: Christopher Handloser

Kaily Sanders

May 4, 2014

With the end of the semester approaching, many students will be looking for work. On April 23, the City College Transfer/Career Center held a Career fair...

Killer whales should not be held captive

Photo credit: Michele Suthers

Michelle Moran

April 18, 2014

Wonder why you see dozens of people protesting outside theme parks with animals as the star attraction? These activists will not back down until somethin...

SeaWorld rescues whales from predators

Photo credit: Michele Suthers

Diego Lynch

April 18, 2014

SeaWorld’s Shamu show provides such substantial benefits to killer whales in the wild and to the entire ocean that it would be tragic to shut it do...

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