VIDEO: Graduation events soon to be underway for City College

Candidates have also announced their run for County Board of Supervisors candidates in this week’s Newscene


San Diego City College graduates in caps and gowns listen to speakers during the 2022 Commencement at Balboa Park’s Organ Pavilion, May 26, 2022. San Diego City College on Flickr

Roxy Vieira, Production Manager, CTTV

New candidates have announced their run for taking Nathan Fletcher’s seat. Graduation ceremonies will be underway here at City College soon. Meanwhile, one last play is coming this semester.

In addition, find out if the skies above will be pleasant for Mother’s Day in our weather report. All of that and more in this week’s edition of Newscene.

0:00 – Coming Up…
0:27 – Opening
1:08 – New candidates running for Fletcher’s seat
1:38 – What’s in store for graduation festivities
3:08 – More insights on expensive San Diego living
3:38 – SeaWorld and San Diego disagree on rent
4:03 – Big new developments coming to Chula Vista
4:30 – Blood Bank expands its capabilities
4:55 – Up next…
5:04 – Break
5:35 – Special violin performance coming to campus
6:07 – One last play for the semester
6:39 – GI Film festival returning to San Diego
7:13 – All elite wrestling coming to San Diego
7:45 – Mother’s Day spending projected to increase
8:12 – The latest in our weather forecast
9:34 – San Diego Symphony summer line-up revealed
10:02 – Show Close
10:26 – End Card

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For more information on Grusome:
For more information on the GI film festival:
For more information on All Elite Wrestling:
For more information on the symphony:

Producer: Roxy Vieira
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Weather: Veronica Springer
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Floor Director: Joel Nevarez
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Teleprompter: Joel Garcia
Audio: Chris Acedo

Benjamin Guadarrama
Veronica Springer

Benjamin Guadarrama
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Joel Nevarez
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