What does Halloween 2018 look like according to Google?

Fortnite costumes are trending on Google.


If you think Fortnite is a band and not an action-packed video game, Spider-Man may be the costume for you. Buffalo Breath Instagram photo.

Nadia Mishkin, News Editor

Fortnite costumes!

Frightgeist, a Google Trends experiment, lists the most popular Halloween costumes searched on Google both locally and nationally.

Flashbacks Hillcrest stocks Halloween costumes year-round, and features a wide selection of unicorn-inspired headwear. Photo by Nadia Mishkin, City Times.

The No. 1 costume search both nationwide and in San Diego is the video game sensation Fortnite.

The Halloween superstore Spirit Halloween has a whole line of Fortnite costumes for men, women and children.

Those who are not part of the nearly 80 million people who play the survival action game appear to be interested in more classic Halloween costumes based off the trends on Google.

The runners-up for most searched costume nationwide were Spider-Man, unicorn, dinosaur and witch.

In San Diego, people searched most for Spider-Man, rabbit, unicorn and dinosaur – after Fortnite, of course.