Decade Review: Social Media

Remembering the many platforms we used over the past 10 years

The app Instagram, shown in the home deck of a cellphone.

Own by Facebook, Instagram has become one of the biggest social platforms.

Melisa Cabello-Cuahutle, News Editor

The 2010’s was a decade of progress. From the end of “don’t ask don’t tell”, to youth around the world protesting for climate action, the decade was characterized by breakthroughs. The decade might be over, but there is more to go.

A key characteristic of the decade was social media platforms. Whether they were launched, grown or ended, the decade was marked by this new form of communication.

Let’s step back and take a look at what made the 2010’s so great in social media:

2010: Instagram launches.

In less than 10 years, Instagram has gathered users around the world and even allowed people to earn millions by using their platform.

2011: Myspace lays off employees and Snapchat launches.

Myspace lays off almost half of its employees and is sold for $35 million, compared to the 580m it was worth in 2005.

Snapchat is launched.

2012: Twitter buys Vine.

Twitter buys Vine before it is launch, the six-second-video platform became a sensation.

Facebook reaches 1 billion users.

2013: Youtube gets big.

Youtube reaches one billion monthly users.

2014: Facebook buys WhatsApp.

2015: Internet use grows.

The International Telecommunication Union predicts over half of the world’s population use internet.

2016: Cambridge Analytica.

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign hires Cambridge Analytica and gains access to private information of millions of users via Facebook.

TikTok is launched.

2017: Bye-Bye Vine.

Twitter officially shuts down Vine.

2018: Tumblr bans nudity.

Tumblr, who was strugguling to compete with other social platforms, bans nudity and pornography, which alienated many users.

2019: Youtube’s first Red Diamond Creator Award.

T-Series is the first channel to receive a Red Diamond Creator Award for surpassing 100 million subscribers.

Twitter banned political ads.


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