6 movies to watch from home

Streaming services aren’t the only resource for movies — check out the library for a catalog of great flicks


Antonio Banderas, left, and Julieta Serrano in “Pain and Gloria.” Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment photo

Angel Cazares, Staff Writer

It has been over a month since schools across the United States closed down because of  COVID-19. Several students are stuck at home with time to pass but don’t know what to watch.

Fortunately, many streaming services offer a catalog of films. I looked at films found from local libraries that you can find online and a list where you can find it on a streaming service.  

Here are some recommendations ranging from drama, comedy, horror, and romance — a variety of films to satiate anyone needing a break from reality.

Link to the library catalog can be found here San Diego County Library

“Pain and Glory”

Salvador Mallo is an aging film director with memories he would rather forget. Memories that haunt him, and he ends up putting them into his stories as a way to cope.

As he comes to terms with his past and future you get to meet all the different people that have crossed his path. His mother who cared for him deeply but in the end felt abandoned by her son. Then there is the lead actor who he had a falling out with, due to issues on a previous project.

Part of what makes this film feel special is the history of the director helming it, Pedro Almodovar. He has a history of making self-referential films, and “Pain and Glory” is no different. He was going through many changes himself due to being an aging director and this project helped him with the process. One of the better Spanish films to come out last year. 

“Pain and Glory” Amazon Link / “Pain and Glory” Apple Itunes Link          


“Jojo Rabbit”

When you think of a movie that should be very divisive, it would be one that brings you into the eyes of a small German boy who worships the Nazi regime. That is not the case, instead you find a heartwarming and funny story about how this kid learns to accept that hate isn’t the way to go when meeting a young Jewish girl hiding in his house.

In today’s climate that can speak volumes, while offering a less preachy platform and having fun with its audience.

Mainly thanks to the director Taika Waititi who not only wrote and directed the film, he stars in it as a comedic parody of Adolf Hitler. 

 “Jojo Rabbit” Amazon Link / “Jojo Rabbit” Apple Itunes Link


“Ready or Not”

This is a straight-up action-horror film, from the moment you start watching and meeting the Le Domas family and daughter-in-law Grace. You can feel the tension of what’s in store for everyone. 

The story is fairly simple and is more for fans who like to watch a good old-fashioned hunting film where the prey (in this case Grace) has to outthink and outmaneuver her hunters.

What makes this film stand out to others in its genre, is the main lead actress, Samara Weaving. She plays an exceptional role and makes anyone want to root for her. 

“Ready or Not” Amazon Link / “Ready or Not” Apple Itunes Link

“What If”

A film that caught some people off guard in 2014 was “What If,” a romantic comedy starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan.

Just a few years after the conclusion of Harry Potter, fans didn’t know the direction Daniel Radcliffe would take. He did a few movies before “What If,” which received average ratings and some bordering on mediocre. “What If” was a project that showcased his acting skills for switching between genres.

Both leads have chemistry that can make audiences want them to get together and the supporting cast helps form a deeper relationship with Adam Driver and Mackenize Davis pushing for them to end up together.

“What If” Amazon Link / “What If” Apple Itunes Link / “What If” Youtube Link


“The Host” 

Before “Parasite,” Bong Joon-ho already had several classics under his belt, the likes of “Snowpiercer,” “Memories of Murder” and “The Host.”

 “The Host” plot follows a man named Park Gang-Doo who owns a snack bar by the river that he and his family work at. Thanks to outside interference in the area, a monster is created and starts attacking nearby residents and even takes Gang-Doo’s daughter. This leads to a journey to try and save her before it’s too late.  

Something you see in a lot of the modern monster/Kaiju films is that they hide the monster never giving a clear shot on what is causing all of this mayhem. “The Host” takes more from older films showing you that the monster exists and he’s even deadlier than you can imagine, this is very refreshing to see and exciting for many Kaiju fans. 

“The Host” Amazon Link / “The Host” Apple Itunes Link/ “The Host” Youtube Link


“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”

It’s good to remember that in times like this we don’t forget who we are and that everyone has troubles of their own. Mr. Rogers understood this very well and suffered from his own troubles and anger but never took it out on anyone. Instead, he put it into other activities like playing the piano or swimming. 

We follow a reporter named Lloyd Vogel who is assigned a tribute article on Mr. Rogers and his long history of being an educator and television host for kids. Vogel tries to find any possible dirt since he doesn’t buy his story, he wants to find the truth. 

Several reasons to check out this movie are the story, message and most importantly, the acting. Tom Hanks is perfect casting for Mr. Rogers, and by the end of the film, tears might be falling by all the emotional scenes that he delivers.

“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” Amazon Link / “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” Apple Itunes Link

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