7 ways to celebrate ‘May the 4th’

Restrictions don’t have to cancel your Star Wars Day celebration

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Angel Cazares, Staff Writer

Every year across the world fans celebrate Star Wars on May 4, coining its own name, Star Wars Day. This has become a tradition among friends and families.

Due to COVID-19 and the quarantine, this year will have to be different, but there is no reason to not celebrate.

With May 4 approaching, this list of ideas is a way for fans to have a little light and do something fun. Here are seven ideas that can work for a variety of people and can get fans to be more creative and hands-on. 


One of the most creative and aspiring things that fans have done in the past is come up with amazing cosplays, dressing up as Han Solo, Luke Skywalker to expanded characters like Mara Jade and Revan. 

It would seem like many cosplayers are a lot harder to achieve but some can be done from materials commonly found around the house and online, there are guides and cheap DIY tricks to finding a style that works best for you. 

Read a book

Another side of Star Wars that has shined and lived an entire life on its own is the literature. Over the decade’s hundreds of novels and comics have come from publishers like Del Rey Books, Dark Horse, and Marvel.

There was a reboot in the expanded universe when Disney bought the license, creating a separate timeline to follow. 

Here are two options that can work well, either check out any of the books that came out before 2010 or read some of the new content.

If you are looking for classic books, you might want to check out the Darth Bane novel trilogy, or the Knights of the Old Republic comic series.

If you are looking for newer content, in 2015 a new Darth Vader comic series was released, or you can also look at the Master and Apprentice novel.


A delicious option that can be done during May 4 is cooking Star Wars-themed food and deserts. Recipes can be found online and Disney also has a cookbook they came out with just last year. 

Several of the more delicious recipes found in the Galaxy’s Edge cookbook would include Braised Shaak Roast, Mustafarian Lava Buns and Spicy Mandalorian Stew. Amazon also includes several other cookbooks focused on desserts like cake and cookies. 


Video games

Lucas films are one of the youngest adopters of the newest entertainment medium, video games. Ever since the early days of Atari, they have been involved in making classics like Dark Forces, Jedi Academy, X-Wing, and many others from a wide variety of companies. 

However, they did all this through a division called Lucas Arts that handled making games and who would be responsible for getting titles out. They have gone defunct since the Disney purchase but Electronic Arts now handles the projects and so far they have come out with three titles and more on the way.

Some games you might want to try are Jedi Academy, Force Unleashed, Knights of the Old Republic, EA Battlefront 2 and Fallen Order.  

Home decoration

Decorate the house to match the day. There are a variety of decorations that are available online.

Make it look like an Imperial cruise ship, or like Endor, have snow all over the place like Hoth, or go wild and try to build a Jedi temple, anyone with kids can try to get them to join in on the fun. Build forts and get toys to go along with the theme.



An aspect of Star Wars that has developed over the years is television, starting with Dave Filoni’s The Clone Wars, Rebels, and of course, The Mandalorian. You can watch this series in Disney Plus.

Some content that can be a bit harder to find would be series like Droids, Ewoks, and Cartoon Network’s 2003 Clone Wars.

Disney continues building the library with The Clone Wars having the series finale on May 4, while a new documentary gets released focusing on The Mandalorian. 


Star Wars started from the mind of George Lucas wanting to make an epic coming of age story. So, what is the most traditional way of celebrating Star Wars? Watch the start of it all, from the original trilogy to the prequels, and then the sequels and the side stories. 

Doing a marathon will make you feel comfortable, and maybe get a new family member into the series. 

These are only seven ideas that fans can do. If that is still not enough, there’s always drawing, performing music, writing fanfic and learning all the lore of the universe — whatever works best for you.

Have some ideas in mind that weren’t put on the list? Leave a comment down below or share it on social media @SDCityTimes. Have a happy May 4!