Proposition 24: Privacy rights initiative

Existing consumer data privacy laws, rights will be expanded if Prop 24 passes

Proposition 24

Tyler Perches

Existing consumer data privacy laws and rights will be expanded if Prop. 24 passes. Graphic by Tyler Perches

Tyler Perches, Staff Writer

The gist

Proposition 24 would expand the provisions of the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, removing the ability of businesses to fix violations before being penalized for violations and creating the California Privacy Protection Agency to enforce the rules.

It increases the state costs of at least $10 million annually for a new state agency to oversee and enforces consumer privacy laws.

Existing consumer data privacy laws and rights will be expanded. Consumers can prevent businesses from sharing their personal information, corrects anything inaccurate and limits businesses’ use of personal information. By making these privacy laws stronger, it will hold corporations accountable when they violate rights.

What the media is saying:

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• Senator Robert M. Hertzberg
• State Senator Nancy Skinner
• State Senator Ben Allen
• Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang


• Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers
• California Nurses Association
• Republican Party of California
• ACLU of California
• League of Women Voters of California

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