OPINION: Prop 15 a deceptive tax initiative

Produced in collaboration with City College history students

Proposition 15

Proposition 15 allows for new funding for public schools, community colleges and local government services. Canva image

City Times Staff, Editor

The below opinion piece was created in collaboration with students in the history classes of Professor Susan Hasegawa.

While most businesses in California cannot use their buildings due to pandemic legislation, California has Proposition 15, a ballot initiative up for a vote on Nov. 3 that would further cripple the state’s business economy and put a higher tax on commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate taxes have been, rightfully so, based on the purchase price of the property since 1978, when passed by a nearly 2 million vote majority. Proposition 15 doesn’t remove the additional tax layers. It adds significant increases to the amount of taxes paid to the state, leaving a multi-layered taxing structure to crush California business.

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Proponents of California’s Proposition 15 flock around a single theme of greedy businesses and underfunded schools.

Left, right, center or other, raising taxes on businesses during arguably the worst financial crisis is not good for business nor the consumer. Passing California’s Proposition 15 would do exactly that and would end already struggling businesses, or at a minimum, drive them out of California.

Britni Gill
Studying Interior Design and Architecture

Clarification: Students in the history classes of Professor Susan Hasegawa were required to research and draft an opinion piece related to the election. Those choosing to submit to City Times were granted extra credit points.

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