OPINION: Prop 16 addresses lack of representation

Produced in collaboration with City College history students

OPINION: Prop 16 addresses lack of representation

City Times Staff, Editor

The below opinion pieces were created in collaboration with students in the history classes of Professor Susan Hasegawa.

Over the past several months, a spotlight has been shown on the realities of continued systemic racism in this country.

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The argument of “discrimination ends by not discriminating at all” is one meant to minimize the oppression felt by certain marginalized groups by including those not facing the same injustices. 

The incongruent percentage of minorities enrolled in college and in positions of power compared to their representation in the population demonstrates the need to address this issue head on. Vote Yes on Prop 16.

Jason Eisen
English Major

While the current measures to help minority students legally obtain preferential treatment have increased diversity, minorities are still underrepresented in the public sector. 

The current measures address systemic racism and sexism’s economic component; however, they do not address the social aspect directly related to the two. There still needs to be a more radical solution to systemic racism and sexism.

Proposition 16 offers a part of that solution by creating more opportunities for minorities to escape the confines of generations of discrimination, creating a more equitable society where everyone has an opportunity to succeed.

The proposition is not estimated to directly impact the state fiscally since it does not require a change to any current programs or policies. Vote Yes on Proposition 16.

Ariana Vasquez
Studying Bioengineering

Proposition 16 is necessary because it will make our universities more diverse, and while diversity is important in all aspects of our lives, it’s essential in college years when people are forming their own ideological identities. College students need to meet people from different backgrounds and beliefs.

Proposition 16 will also affect the private sectors and contractors working with state and local governments, making their workforce more diverse. 

Ali Judhi
History Major

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