Lux Boreal shares interactive dance experience

Tijuana-based dance company performed at City College’s Saville Theatre before the pandemic

L4B3R1NT0 (Labyrinth) by Lux Boreal

“L4B3R1NT0” by Lux Boreal will be presented online through Feb. 26. Lux Boreal photo

Christopher Tapanes, Staff Writer

Tijuana-based dance company Lux Boreal, which in the past has performed at City College’s Saville Theatre, is presenting its interactive virtual experience L4B3R1NTO through tomorrow, Feb. 26.

L4B3R1NTO, which means labyrinth, lasts up to 45 minutes and includes an introduction, conclusion and a total of seven dances.

L4B3R1NT0 Trailer- – English from Lux Zoom on Vimeo.

”We had to figure out what we could do or what’s possible for us in these situations and how we can make a product that we can share with the world,” said Matthew Armstrong, who is a dancer and choreographer with the company.

The virtual experience utilizes a YouTube-like format, enabling viewers to choose their own pathways through the performance with a series of choices.

Lux Boreal is known nationally in Mexico as one of the strongest companies in the contemporary dance world. The company typically travels internationally, although its performances have converted to a virtual format due to the pandemic.

Tickets for the final two performances of L4B3R1NTO can be bought on Eventbrite. Tickets cost $10.

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