PODCAST: Music paves road for City College’s D’Marcus Andrus

Music student and military veteran recently dropped his first album

DMarcus Andrus

The debut album of City College student D’Marcus Andrus will drop on March 15. Andrus courtesy photo

Will Mauriz, Multimedia Journalist

D’Marcus Andrus, the current president of the San Diego City College Music Club, has many different interests and creative pursuits in life.

Andrus shares his inspirations for the club and his own musical journey.

In the episode of City Speaks, a podcast presented by the reporters of City Times, Will Mauriz talks with D’Marcus Andrus about his journey as a veteran and a City College student and making music. Listen here or click on the player above. 

“At City, there were super talented people, and being around those different energies, I saw a lot of potential,” Andrus said.

Andrus recently released his hip-hop/rap debut album Xodus. Listen below and learn more about his story here.