PODCAST: City College Theatre student discusses how courses were affected by the pandemic

Spring 2020 production of “Urinetown” was postponed

San Diego City College student Gary Tallaksen

San Diego City College student Gary Tallaksen has participated in multiple plays and productions. Tallaksen courtesy photo

Michelle Botello, Multimedia Journalist

San Diego City College student Gary Tallaksen discusses the changes in the classes and the production of theatre classes.

Instructors at City College took charge of Zoom to overcome the challenges of the pandemic.

As students continued to take classes online, some courses became continuously difficult.

In spring 2020, the production of “Urinetown” was postponed. As the class continued online, changes were made to adapt to the circumstances.

“When everything changed it seemed to happen overnight,” Tallaksen said. “You know, we were in full rehearsals for Urinetown and everybody was getting excited.”

It was the virtual production in the fall of last year called “Mere Mortals” where Tallaksen played a New York City construction worker where he decided if he wanted to continue taking courses throughout the pandemic.