RADIO: The Knight Life dives into the life of a San Diegan guitarist, power play in the bedroom

Show includes episodes of the Local Spotlight and Sex and Sexuality

The Knight Life, Episode 4

Sex and Sexuality aired its fourth episode on The Knight Life, this week diving into the life of a San Diegan guitarist and covering power play in the bedroom.

On the second episode of the Local Spotlight, host Skylar Eppler interviewed San Diegan guitarist Oscar Carrion at his La Mesa home.

Carrion picked up his first guitar in middle school, after asking his mom for an electric guitar for Christmas that year. In those early days of learning to play, he remembers practicing the guitar riff from Sweet Child O’Mine over and over, driving his family crazy.

Carrion’s found inspiration from a variety of artists, including Prince, Van Halen, and Led Zeppelin. He currently plays lead guitar in Boogie Buena and in Snack Pack, a passion project band with his wife, Katie.

Carrion has played guitar in numerous bands all over San Diego. He is such an in-demand guitarist, that he’s said yes to almost every band that’s asked him if he feels it’s a good match.

“I’m so eager to play music, and if I get good vibes from you as a person, let’s do it,” Carrion said.

In Sex and Sexuality, host Marlena Harvey talked with San Diego City College Mental Health interns Tristan Hartley and Laurel Marks about how to safely experiment and try new things in the bedroom with your partner.

That included the practices of bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadochism, masochism, also known collectively as BDSM, role-playing and basic power play. 

Hartley and Marks also discussed the importance of listening to your partner’s needs and ensuring they are aware of yours in order to have a successful relationship in the bedroom. 

Besides communication and safety, Hartley and Marks shared about the importance of having fun and being yourself in the bedroom, even if being yourself is role-playing as different a character than you are in day-to-day life. 

“Sometimes we don’t get to express ourselves naturally, Hartley said, “so sometimes using BDSM, power play and kink as a creative time (to express yourself) can be great.”

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