RADIO: The Knight Life spotlights musician couple Oscar Carrion and Katie Howard Carrion

Episode also features Sex And Sexuality discussion about masturbation

The Knight Life Episode 5

Michelle De Nicola and Marlena Harvey

Musician Katie Howard Carrion joined the conversation with her bandmate and husband Oscar Carrion and host Skylar Eppler on the third episode of the San Diego Local Spotlight.

Eppler visited them in their La Mesa home to talk about music, business and what it’s like to work with a spouse.

Oscar Carrion plays guitar in two bands, La Boogie Buena and Snack Pack, the latter of which is a passion project with his wife. He said Snack Pack is all Katie.

“She is the driving force of that band…she is that power in that band,” he said.

She creates the melody as the vocalist, and he uses his skill as a guitarist to fill in the blanks.

Oscar Carrion said ego is a big part of being a guitar player and that he had to kill his ego to serve the music in his bands. He shifted his focus from being the best guitar to making the best song.

Katie Howard Carrion is also a small business owner, with a shop in Normal Height called Little Dame, which supports artists.

The shop sells perfume, clothes, stickers, magazines, ceramics made by local artists & artists around the country. This business inspires her to keep creating. During the pandemic, Little Dame was also a venue for virtual concerts and a space to record and film bands.

You can follow the bands on Instagram @snackpackband and @laboogiebuena and keep up to date on events on @littledameshop.

During the final episode of Season 1 of Sex & Sexuality, host Marlena Harvey talked with Tristan Hartley and Laurel Marks of San Diego City College’s Mental Health Counseling about final thoughts of the semester and shared resources for students to utilize.

“The more connection, honesty, and authenticity you’re having in the sexual realm, the more that is going to show in your relationships, friendships and interpersonal connections, and that is the real tie-in to mental health here,” Marks said. 

Harvey, Marks, and Laurel also discussed the importance of talking about these taboo topics and teaching students about sexual and mental health. 

“This podcast and taboo topics is just exciting, and I am really looking forward to continuing and being curious about my own sex life and sexuality and the way I show up in the world,” Hartley said. 

For mental health resources on campus, please click here.

For the campus student health center, please click here.

To listen to more episodes of Sex and Sexuality, visit City Times Media on Anchor.