City Times Sound keeps the rhythm going

With an all new “Ritmo Latino” and “Folk Punk Highlights” CTS treads on


Children who are part of San Diego’s “House of Music” outreach program sharpen their drum sounds on March 26. The group will get the chance to perform alongside internationally recognized Latin Cuban bands, Los VanVan and Havana D’Primera on May 1 at the Rady Shell. Both bands are featured in the CTS radio show “Ritmo Latino.” Photo by Victor Ortiz Jr./ City Times Media

Each week City Times Sound takes a plunge into all things San Diego City College. Whether it be culture, sports, or student life, CTS has one foot on campus and the other keeping rhythm to the San Diego pulse. 

This week on CTS, learn the buzz about coffee and the lowdown on City Tennis. 

And shift your weight to yet another week of “Ritmo Latino” and “Folk Punk Highlights.” 

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Take a look and see the schedule for the week.

Monday, 4/25 at 5 & 9 p.m. – Knight Life

This week “The Knight Life,” will feature two “City Speaks” episodes from hosts Sven Domingos and Achraf Lattrach.

World Cultures – Coffee: Sven Domingos guides us through City Times Media coverage of “Behind the Grind: The Chemistry of Coffee,” a World Cultures Event from 2021. Find out more about the bean that has become integral to student life.

City Speaks – Tennis: Achraf Lattrach brings us a cut of a CTM interview with City’s Tennis Coach Brandon Lupian, a man with a clear vision of his path as a leader.

Tuesday, 4/26 at 5 & 9 p.m – Ritmo Latino 

Featuring tropical Latin music by local recording artists in San Diego, “Ritmo Latino” highlights the styles of salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton, and more. 

Host, Victor Ortiz, Jr., draws historical lines between the region and the international Latin music scene, while providing facts about the artists that helped pioneer the success of the tropical Latin music genre as we know it today. 

This week, “Ritmo Latino” will highlight the music of internationally recognized bands, Los VanVan and Havana D’Primera, who will perform at the Rady Shell in San Diego on May 1 in support of a benefit concert for the children of non-profit organization, The House of Music.

Wednesday, 4/27 at 5 & 9 p.m – Newscene Radio

A weekly show produced by the students of CTTV/Newscene, the award winning Radio, Television & Film program at City College. 

Thursday, 4/28 at 5 & 9 p.m – Folk Punk Highlights

FolkPunk Highlights, hosted by Sierra, features artists that capture punk style art with classic folk instruments and tunes. Including local San Diego artists as well as those iconic to the genre who have performed in the region, the show focuses on bands whose music tell stories about the hardships of marginalized life and issues that are in desperate need of focus, such as trauma, recovery, the inefficiencies of capitalism, and the effects of xenophobia on a nation.

Sierra, who fell hard and fast for the folkpunk sounds will take you down the genre’s rabbit hole.