REVIEW: Actress Valynsia Sims gives unforgettable performance in play “Imogen Says Nothing”

Performances continue through Nov. 5 at San Diego City College Black Box Theater


Lead actress Valynsia Sims faces off with a bear on the set of the play “Imogen Says Nothing” during a rehearsal earlier this month. Photo by Candise Berry/City Times Media

Candise Berry, Multimedia Journalist

The Black Box Theater at San Diego City College welcomed a packed audience for the West Coast debut of “Imogen Says Nothing” earlier this month.

“Imogen Says Nothing,” a play originally written by Aditi Kapil, is meant for a mature audience because it contains adult language and themes that may not be suitable for younger viewers. 

All attendees were greeted with a pamphlet listing Director Professor Kate Stone, names of characters and actors, faculty, staff, and a thorough explanation of Shakespeare’s Theater, which is essential to understanding the costumes and certain settings in the play. 

Lead actress Valynsia Sims played the main character Imogen flawlessly despite the fact that she had to portray a bear and woman all in one role. 

The peculiar play based around the experiences of a bear disguised as a woman is a mixture of mystery and comedy. The intense scenes throughout the play kept the audience alert and almost jumping out of their seats. 

During the play, intimate scenes had audience members either turning their heads or looking slightly shocked. On stage, cast member interactions seemed natural, as if you were watching friends having a good time. 

Imogen endured what some would call playful teasing throughout the play, but ultimately, she earned respect from her new friends and got a little revenge.

At the end of the play, Imogen received the loudest applause for her unforgettable performance. 

Don’t miss the last showings of “Imogen Says Nothing,” playing through Nov. 5 at The Black Box Theater.

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