RADIO: Watch the leaves fall while listening to latest ‘Weather Feels’

Host Eliza Barranco’s playlist includes Rihanna, Taylor Swift and San Diego band Rain on Friday


Eliza Barranco, Multimedia Journalist

The fall season is here in San Diego, a perfect time to watch the leaves fall and enjoy the cold weather while listening to music.

“Weather Feels” highlights an eclectic blend of alternative, pop, and indie music, such as Paramore, Rihanna, and ChungHa.

Host Eliza Barranco brings a fresh mood with fun facts about songs, artists’ interview quotes, current obsessions and upcoming concert information. 

This week’s show, “Weather Feels,” features throwbacks that instantly bring nostalgia and boost your mood.

Track list:

  1. Lift Me Up – Rihanna
  2. Time – The Rose
  3. I Feel Good (feat. Arthur Miguel) – Pink Sweat$ 
  4. When I Get Old   – Christopher and ChungHa 
  5. Anti-Hero – Taylor Swift
  6. This is Why – Paramore
  7. I’m Good (Blue) – David Guetta and Bebe Rexha
  8. Erupt – Rain on Friday (local San Diego band)