Student Eats: Cuisine fresh from South Africa


Spike Africa’s offers a selection of euphoric drinks to accompany their vast South African menu. Photo credit: Torrey Spoerer

Torrey Spoerer, Opinion Editor

After opening its doors almost two years ago on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Broadway, Spike Africa’s Fresh Fish Grill and Bar is constantly full of eager diners, both local and tourist. Their wide variety of South African influenced flavors and beverages guarantees the trending hype isn’t slowing down any time soon.

From 3 to 6:30 p.m. on weekdays and all day on Saturdays, their happy hour menu has more than a dozen options of cocktails and more than a handful of affordable bites. For anyone wanting a quick bite of their starters or sliders, their crispy brussels sprouts with bacon and raisins or the six oysters go for $1 each special, and a sip of their bargain drinks, including their sunny day white sangria or their house margarita both for only $3 each.

Beer lovers are also to be delighted no matter what day or time they visit this establishment, for all of their draft beers are from local breweries, fresh and cold down to the very last drop. Non-drinkers can also rejoice with their house-made lemonade and iced teas.

For those with some extra finance to burn, it is highly recommended to go for their main courses. Diners can order a custom dish with one of their six fresh fishes of the day, along with any side and sauce of their choice.

Specially crafted main courses called “Spike’s Favorites” are also on the menu, such as the multi-flavorful Mango BBQ Mahi-Mahi with mango, grilled asparagus and buttery rice for $27.95.

As a forewarning, however, if you don’t want the sauces to override the flavor of your grilled fish, make sure to ask the waiter for the chefs to go easy and light on the sauce, or it’s also perfectly fine to order without any sauces if preferred.

For those concerned about watching their calorie intake, there’s a “600 calories and under” menu section, along with a variety of gluten free options each marked throughout the entire menu with a little anchor mark as a key note.

If fish isn’t what those taste buds prefer, Spike’s also has a “fresh from the farm” menu for those looking for main courses that aren’t from under the sea.

The chefs at Spike Africa’s are professional, layering various flavors and textures in just about all of their dishes and drinks. Anyone not taking this word for granted won’t regret paying Spike a visit the next time their taste buds seek an exotic yet elegant adventure.

And if after all the amazing food there’s still room for dessert, your waiter will most likely recommend that you try their “life-changing” butterscotch pudding, made with homemade pudding and dark rum and topped with sea-salted caramel for $6.50.

For diners planing on visiting during an evening or weekend, it’s highly recommended that they make reservations beforehand by calling (619) 795-3800.