ASG student forum a chance to talk to City College leaders

The event was hosted by ASG President Destiny Gallegos-Muñoz

Destiny Gallegos-Muñoz

ASG President Destiny Gallegos-Muñoz hosted a student forum featuring administrators from City College. YouTube screenshot

Ryan Hoeffs, Staff Writer

City College President Ricky Shabazz answered some of the most frequently-asked questions by students in an open forum live on YouTube on September 2.

“Ask questions folks,” Shabazz said. “This is your education, this is your college. Let us know how we can make the college better, let us know what’s not working.”

The event was hosted by Associated Students Government President Destiny Gallegos-Muñoz on Zoom, where she had an opportunity to ask 15 questions of her own before asking more on behalf of students watching along on YouTube.

The event is the first of City College’s activities to celebrate the U.S. Constitution. For the list of activities this month, click here.

Shabazz was also joined by Denise Whisenhunt, vice president of student services, as well as Marciano Perez, dean of student affairs. The three covered everything from virtual resources, support programs still open to students, scholarships and peer mentors. 

Muñoz started off the Q&A session by discussing Extended Programs & Services, including how and when to apply and the services offered to students.

Whisenhunt added that the small size of EOPS means students benefit from academic and career planning, tutoring, transfer assistance and priority enrollment. Students interested in applying can review eligibility requirements here or email [email protected].

Shabazz said almost all services offered to students before the COVID-19 pandemic have reopened virtually. A complete list of those services can be found here.

One major change is the access to the food pantry, which is not accessible due to the campus closure. City College has partnered with the San Diego Food Bank for Hunger Action Days.

The event is held on the first Tuesday of every month from 12-2 p.m. in Lot 8. Students are asked to register online with the number of people in their household so that the Food Bank can provide as much assistance as possible, but walk-ups will not be turned away.

Students should follow campus social media for signups, which go live the last week of the month.

Mental Health Services has also opened for students on Zoom, which Shabazz wanted to make sure students are utilizing during these troubling times.

“Let me say something that I talk about very openly,” Shabazz said, ”(Mental health) shouldn’t be a stigma. It’s something we all need. There’s a lot of pressure. We’re in a pandemic. It is absolutely okay to seek someone who has been trained to help you process these things.”

Shabazz closed by welcoming students to email him directly if they have any questions that are not being answered.

The forum remains accessible on YouTube. To watch it, click here.