College Police Review Task Force created in midst of social justice issues in America

The District Governance Council and the chancellor will review recommendations in December 2020

City College police car on campus

SDCCD Police is the largest community college police department in the state of California. File photo

Gabriel Schneider, Managing Editor

San Diego Community College District has formed a review task force to evaluate policing in its District. This would include curriculum from the police academy at Miramar College.

“Given the immense social justice issues that have been dominating America,” said SDCCD Chancellor Constance Carroll on Aug. 13 in her convocation speech, “we will be having a review process under the District Governance Council to make sure that what we’re doing is the best we can possibly do.”

The task force will be led by SDCCD Chief of Police Joseph Ramos, administrators, staff, faculty, classified professionals and student leaders. The committee will provide a report in December 2020.

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“The District has made it clear that these hateful practices will not be tolerated,” wrote  SDCCD Director of Communications and Public Relations Jack Beresford in an email to City Times.

Topics under review will be budget considerations, the history and purpose of college police and many of the policies and practices that some of the community mentioned in comments.

“I need to say that our college police are a remarkable group of people,” Carroll said in the video, which was live streamed on YouTube. “They love our campuses, they know our campuses and they are involved in community policing.”