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City College police car on campus

College Police Review Task Force created in midst of social justice issues in America

September 23, 2020

San Diego Community College District has formed a review task force to evaluate policing in its District. This would include curriculum from the police academy at Miramar College.

Group of students dance

Music, dancing and empowering words shared at City College’s Social Justice Conference

March 22, 2019

San Diego City College hosted its fifth annual Social Justice Conference this week. The events kicked off on Tuesday evening with the She is Warned event.&n...

Panel at #BelieveWomen event

City College event encourages women to speak up

March 22, 2019

San Diego City College hosted #BelieveWomen, an event part of the fifth-annual Social Justice and Education Conference. The one-day event was hosted by...

Sara Jacobs speaks to crowd

Women voices kick off City College’s Social Justice Conference

March 20, 2019

The struggles of being a woman were discussed on Wednesday evening at the fifth annual Social Justice & Education Conference.

San Diego City College President Anthony Beebe greets teachers and staff at an Aug. 4 mixer. Photo credit: Troy Orem

Beebe on a mission to promote social justice

October 14, 2014

San Diego City College's new president, Anthony Beebe, is pursuing a new mission for the campus.“City College needs to develop new, modern definitio...

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