City College SEEDS surviving the pandemic

Receive four weekly bags of produce

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Seeds@City (pictured in April 2019) is an urban city farm on the campus of San Diego City College. San Diego City College image

Marlena Harvey, News Editor

The SEEDS program at the Urban City Farm had supplied in-person learning for students of the City College agricultural program until it was closed to outside volunteers last March. 

In March 2020, the garden followed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to close the park to outside volunteers and students due to COVID-19. The garden is still being overseen by volunteer coordinators and staff.

The garden grows a variety of fruits, vegetables, and other flowering plants. Normally, weekly learning or volunteer hours are offered to agriculture majors.

The SEEDS program and the Community Supported Agriculture Model have partnered to sell produce from the farm, and all proceeds will go to helping the SEEDS program and the Urban City Farm. 

To help out the City Farm, a subscription to CSA for $25 a month will get you four weekly bags holding 12 or more produce items from the farm. If interested, please reach out to the farm via email. 

For more information on the SEEDS program during quarantine, please follow them on Instagram or email Erin McConnel at [email protected].