City College hosts virtual post-election forum to connect college community together

ASG hosts a virtual forum to discuss post-election

ASG forum

The ASG hosted a post-election forum through Zoom and broadcasted live to YouTube. YouTube screenshot

Vicky Pineda, Editor-in-Chief

The Associated Student Government, along with faculty from San Diego City College, hosted a post-election forum to bring the college community together.

The topics ranged from what is known from this year’s election to how to take care of your mental health during these stressful days and weeks coming up.

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The forum was live streamed through YouTube and open for discussion from City College students, faculty and administrators.

Dean of Student Affairs Marciano Perez was the moderator of the discussion. City College president Ricky Shabazz was also part of the panel and shared tips to help relieve stress and voiced his opinion.

Shabazz congratulated two of the San Diego Community College District Board of Trustees members who were re-elected, Bernie Rhinerson and Mary Graham. 

Shabazz also congratulated current board member Sean Elo-Rivera for being elected to a seat for City Council District 9. 

“I know he’ll be and continues to be an advocate for community college students and the challenges that students face,” Shabazz said.

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Shabazz also shared his opinions on the status of Propositions 16, 20 and 15.

“As a president, really the … proposition that I was hoping will pass would have been Prop. 15, which would have given more resources to community colleges,” Shabazz said. “Our ASG President Destiny (Gallegos-Muñoz) would have benefited from additional tutoring, counseling. We have our colleagues from mental health (who) would have been able to put (out) more resources.”  

Gallegos-Muñoz discussed how students can get involved during these times and the opportunity that is there is to participate on campus.   

“We have a lot of senate positions still available,” Gallegos-Muñoz said. “Senators are like our cheerleaders on campus and we need that virtually so our students feel like we are there for them as well. Right now we are having a little bit of lack in student participation due to pandemic, which is understandable.” 

Gallegos-Muñoz encouraged students to get involved with ASG and other committees that lack student participation.  

“We are doing our scholarships committee, and we are getting a few scholarships ready for students that are impacted by the pandemic,” Gallegos-Muñoz said. “We are creating that as a team, that way we can give back to our students that are struggling financially through this pandemic.” 

Perez also mentioned the importance of student voices to City College. 

“The student voice is an incredibly important part of our shared governance process for our college,” Perez said. “We are really looking for students to share their perspectives, to help our campus community understand what the needs of students are, and there’s no better way to do that than being a part of ASG and to advocate for other students.”

For Gallegos-Munoz, the opportunity to help students drew her to ASG.

“I love to help out any students that are even struggling during this pandemic,” she said. “If you have any struggles please reach out to me, I understand. I’m a student as well I know during these times it can be very hard. Know you guys are not alone. Know that we are trying our hardest.”