VIDEO: A one-pot side dish for #CityCookingChallenge

Fried cabbage and bacon an easy dish from Hunger Action Day haul

Susana Serrano, Multimedia Editor

For reporter Susana Serrano, warmer weather means spending more time enjoying the outdoors and less time in the kitchen. 

For this week’s #citycookingchallenge, Serrano cooks a fast and easy dish with cabbage and bacon.


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On April 18 San Diego City College hosted Hunger Action Day and Serrano took home one red bag full of fresh produce and canned goods. She used the cabbage and some extra items in her pantry to make the dish.

Serrano emphasizes in her video that this meal can easily be a main dish or a fast lunch if you’re trying the keto diet or are concerned about grains or gluten.

Adan Sanchez, one of the main coordinators of the program, greeted everyone at the entrance to Hunger Action Day and passed out registration forms. He explained that City wants to make access to the event easier for students by not requiring registration every other week..

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