100 students celebrate at the Chicano-Latina Graduation Ceremony

The Chicano/a studies department celebrate their 51st annual Chicano-Latina Graduation Celebration


Susana Serrano

Students at the Chicano-Latino Graduation wore decorated caps on May. 20, 2022. Photo by Susana Serrano/ City Times Media

Susana Serrano, Multimedia Editor

City Times - Spring 2022This story appeared in the latest print edition of City Times. 

The gloomy evening did not stop families, friends and graduates from gathering to celebrate San Diego City College’s 51st annual Chicano-Latina Graduation ceremony.

The event was hosted by the Chicana/o Studies department and took place May 20 on the A Building Terrace. Attendees were welcomed with the sound of popular Latin music. 

Graduates lined up for the ceremony, which is one of many festivities complementing the traditional commencement ceremony held at the end of the spring semester. The Chicano-Latina Graduation gives students with Chicanx backgrounds the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments with their loved ones in both English and Spanish.

The graduates entered to the song “Yo Soy Chicano” by Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez while their families cheered them on. The ceremony was full of emotion as every student received a sash, with colors and texture resembling a traditional sarape. 

Every student had the opportunity to speak at the podium and thank their family and loved ones. 

“I’m very excited because I never thought I would get here,” said Aileen Arechar, a Child Development graduate and mother of four. “A lot of things happened before getting here.” 

Arechar said she did this for her children. 

“I want the best for my children and hope they get inspired,” she continued. 

The bilingual ceremony ended with all 100 graduates turning to their loved ones and clapping as a thank you for all of their support.