VIDEO: #CityCookingChallenge celebrates fall with apple dish

A loaf of white bread and bags of red and green apples are the inspiration for a tasty french toast dish


#CityCookingChallenge host Susana Serrano tries her french toast dish after filming ended. Photo by Candise Berry/City Times Media

Susana Serrano, Managing Editor

The City Times Media team is welcoming fall with a delicious french toast with fried apple recipe.

Most of the items used were from today’s Hunger Action Day event. The event passed out a lot of fresh produce such as apples, plums, onions and potatoes.

#CityCookingChallenge host Susana Serrano shows you how to make the easy and delicious recipe using only seven ingredients.

While cooking, Serrano invited reporter Candise Berry to introduce herself and the new show she will be hosting called City Harvest. The new show will be inspired by produce grown by the SEEDS program here at San Diego City College.