City College kicks off Social Justice Conference

The eighth annual Social Justice and Education Conference begins today


City College Mental Health Counselors interact with students in a group discussion about student health, community and interconnectedness in MS-140, Tuesday, March 14. Photo by Sean Monney/City Times Media

Luke Bradbury, Multimedia Journalist

Officially themed “Envisioning Change: Building a Future,” the conference includes Black and Latinx speakers from the fields of African American Studies, Chicano Studies, and social justice activism, as well as a fitness event located in the C building.

The event officially kicked off yesterday with a pre-conference held by Mental Health Counseling at City College that included recounting stories of mental health struggles while tossing a ball of yarn between contributors.

“This is just a visual representation of the web that we weave as a community,” said Tristan Hartley, a City College mental health counselor who spoke at the event. 

Speeches and stories will be shared throughout the conference, ending with a closing speech by Mariah Jameson on Thursday at 2:20 p.m.

Multimedia journalist Sean Monney contributed to this report.