ASG president focuses on bringing City College campus back to life

Diego Bethea looks forward to second term as student government president


San Diego City College ASG President Diego Bethea waits to greet student visitors at City College’s Open House event on Thursday, April 20, 2023. Photo by Daniel Lasker/City Times Media

Daniel Lasker, Multimedia Journalist

Correction: An earlier edition of the story did not identify the LGBTQ+ community with the correct abbreviation, according to AP style standards. It has since been corrected. City Times regrets the error.

Diego Bethea’s first experience at San Diego City College wasn’t in college at all.

Bethea initially came to City College as a student at East Village Middle College High School, located on the west side of campus adjacent to Park Boulevard.

“I was able to have a smaller class (size) and really interacted with the different teachers,” Bethea said.

While enrolled in classes there, City’s student government caught his attention when a former Associate Student Governments member made a guest presentation in his personal growth class. 

“It really didn’t make too much sense at the time because I am more of a visual learner, so I had to see (ASG),” he said. “And then once I saw it, it was like ‘Wow, this is something I want to do in the future.’” 

With one year as ASG president under his belt, Bethea will return in the fall in the same role again, advancing toward a B.A. in business administration and changing the campus culture for the better. 

“We can hold more events and different ways to keep everyone active and learning the different structures of the shared governance on campus,” Bethea said. “I hope to accomplish really bringing back student life.” 

Bethea wants to bring more focus to the LGBTQ+ community with speakers coming to campus to share their experiences. He is eager to improve access to mobile device chargers for students on campus for long hours.

He also wants to grow the recent ASG legacy project that put free period products in all gender-neutral first-floor restrooms on campus.

“I’m staying on for a second year because I don’t feel like I accomplished many things,” said Bethea, who also volunteers with a local food pantry and Clean Up San Diego. “Knowing the knowledge that I have, I can bring it into the second year and make it a lot better. And then … (that will) carry over to whoever that comes to the next president.”

After graduating next spring, Bethea hopes to attend either UC Riverside, UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, or San Diego State University to pursue a bachelor’s while continuing to be involved in student government and volunteering.