VIDEO: City College vegan chef serves up Grilled Tofu Bitchin’ Sandwich

Liz Gary takes a page out of her own recipe book, presents plant-based dishes


CTM’s Marco Guajardo, left, watches as plant-based foods advocate and chef Liz Gary, right, tosses a salad made in the City Times Media kitchen studio. YouTube screenshot

Marco Guajardo, Multimedia Journalist

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San Diego City College student, chef and vegan foods advocate Liz Gary hosts a vegan cooking class with City Times Media multimedia journalist Marco Guajardo.

Gary explains the nutritional and societal benefits of tofu as a protein-rich alternative to meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy, adding a nutrient-rich palate of ingredients to the dishes she prepares.

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The Bitchin’ Grilled Tofu Sandwich comes from Gary’s own collection of recipes published at Jensen’s Foods and features sliced slabs of grilled Wildwood Organic Tofu, freshly picked produce from Seeds@City garden, and Bitchin’ Sauce as spread.

The Kale Almond Supreme Salad comes from the collection of recipes found at the OB People’s Food Co-op deli and features ingredients from Seeds@City garden and OB People’s Food Co-op.

Gary’s forthcoming book, “Black Belt in Tofu: Today’s Plant-Based Protein Rich Alternative to Meat, Seafood, Eggs, and Dairy” will include dozens of her own recipes she developed through her advocacy at schools, restaurants, supermarkets, and public libraries.

Among other events, the chef hosts monthly plant-based cooking classes at the Point Loma Public Library on the third Monday of every month.

Join us as she builds our understanding that a viable alternative to the standard American diet is needed and delightfully possible.

Bitchin Sauce donated their products for the Bitchin’ Grilled Tofu Sandwich recipe.

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