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RADIO: Indie Live in San Diego highlights best sounds from local bands

RADIO: ‘Indie Live in San Diego’ highlights best sounds from local bands

The home of live local indie music for San Diego is hosted by CT Sound's Joe Pan
Joseph Panek, Producer, CT Sound October 12, 2023
The home of live local indie music for San Diego is hosted by CT Sound's Joe Pan.
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Mariachi Garibaldi from Southwestern College performs before audience members in the live room for the launch of the MUSIC@CITY “Live from the Studio” series at San Diego City College on Oct. 4, 2023. Photo by Vince Outlaw/City Times Media

City College music debuts live-audience streaming series with mariachi group (with video)

Inaugural installment features a 13-piece ensemble from the first-in-the-nation program based at Southwestern College
Vince Outlaw, Multimedia Journalist October 11, 2023
Mariachi Garibaldi, an ensemble from Southwestern College, performed compositions in multiple styles of music, including polka, bolero, huapango and son in -- and streaming from -- the on-campus recording studio at San Diego City College. 
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Professors Shane Haggard, Lisa Chaddock and Lisa Will receive an applause at the end of the presentation from a packed house of students, Sept. 26, 2023. Photo by Kenneth Jaimes Flores/City Times Media

City College professors unmask the science of superheroes

Faculty panel showcased how superheroes wouldn’t be as incredible as they are in pop culture.
Kenneth Jaimes, Multimedia Journalist October 9, 2023
Delving into the realm of capes and superpowers, a team of San Diego City College professors assembled to envision the potential real-world applications of iconic superheroes like Spider-Man and Wonder Woman.
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Jes Amador, a theater major, reads through her lines in a hallway outside of rehearsal. She prepares for her role as a nun in the upcoming play at City College, Salvation Road, Sept. 27, 2023. Photo by Eve McNally/City Times Media

Former child actor returns to City College, performing in ‘Salvation Road’

After a years-long hiatus from acting, Jes Amador will take the stage as a nun in a play that looks at family, faith
Eve McNally, Multimedia Journalist October 5, 2023
Jes Amador is back at City College, after over a decade, and will be performing in “Salvation Road,” which opens Oct. 6. The performance will take place at the Black Box Theatre, which Amador describes as a hidden gem. 
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Jeremy Rho, left, Daniel Savala, center, and Lilac Kirkpatrick, right, rehearse a scene for Salvation Road debuting this week. Photo courtesy of Katie Rodda

City College’s first play of the season to open Oct. 6

The Black Box Theatre presents "Salvation Road," a production of the Dramatic Arts Program
Kevin Ouellette, Multimedia Journalist October 2, 2023
“Salvation Road” tells the story of college freshman Denise, who drops out of school to join a charismatic church, cutting contact with her family and friends.
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A player lays out while playing the Mesoamerican ballgame. In the pre-colonial game, players pass a rubber ball around the court using their hips.  Photo credit: AJUPEME USA

6 World Cultures events you don’t want to miss this October at City College

Fall semester series exhibiting traditions from a spectrum of groups includes arts, presentations
Bailey Kohnen, Multimedia Journalist September 28, 2023
The Program offers a series on campus showcasing traditions from around the world, different identity spheres and abilities. The calendar includes presentations, concerts, art demos and film screenings. 
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Denja Harris demonstrates tufting using yarn at City College, September 14, 2023. Photo by Bailey Kohnen/City Times Media

Experimental fiber artist gives tufting demonstration at City College

Emerging artist Denja Harris gives an interactive and improvised presentation of her artistic process to City students
Bailey Kohnen, Multimedia Journalist September 20, 2023
Tufting is an ancient embroidery technique which involves pulling a thread through a base cloth to form a loop. The audience suggested colors to add to the composition and conversed with the artist throughout the demo
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George Esteban sings on stage at the Kensington Club, March 30, 2023. Photo courtesy of Myro Yartym/The Wine Club

Local musician works to build San Diego rock music scene

George Esteban and his band, The Wine Club, are looking to make it in the music industry
Bailey Kohnen, Multimedia Journalist September 7, 2023
Former City College student George Esteban is well aware of the challenges that come with trying to make a career as a musician. When others were settling into traditional career paths, Esteban knew he wanted something different.
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San Diego Wave players celebrate

18 events around San Diego for City College students to find summer fun

Don't miss sports, shopping, music and food all over the county
Sydney Dull, Multimedia Journalist June 12, 2023
Unsure about what to do during summer? San Diego has it all! Ranging from food festivals to plays and sporting events, here are 20 events throughout San Diego County that can ensure you have an awesome and eventful summer.
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Person listening to media in the sunset. Canva photo

Slide into summer break with these 5 travel-centric podcasts (and a bonus)

Whether you're driving home for the summer or alone and needing some ambient audio, we've gathered a list of great podcasts
Sven Domingos, Podcast Director May 18, 2023
Whether you're driving home for the summer or alone and needing some ambient audio, we've gathered a list of great podcasts.
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A young man in a green t-shirt plays a black piano in a cluttered recording studio.

Recording night at City College brings the Force to life

May the 4th recording night inspires attendees to jam out a Star Wars-inspired track
Luke Bradbury, Multimedia Journalist May 10, 2023
Motifs of Darth Vader’s theme echoed from the San Diego City College recording studio on May the Fourth in celebration of Star Wars.
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A man named Nilo Ondevilla uses a paintbrush to add green acrylic paint to a tan canvas.

City College honors art students to show work at The Art of Freedom pop-up exhibit

The event will take place in the Fine Art Sculpture Gallery today
Kathryn Gray, Editor-In-Chief May 9, 2023
The Art of Freedom, a pop-up show in the Fine Arts Gallery Sculpture Garden hosted by San Diego City College art students in the honors program on Tuesday, May 5 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., will feature pieces from around a dozen students and represent various mediums according to featured artist Nilo Ondevilla.
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