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Halley’s Comet’s got nothing on Bauer’s asteroid

Lauren Ciallella and Lauren Ciallella

May 8, 2007

By Lauren Ciallella City Times With nearly 40 years of teaching at City College, professor John Bauer inspired his astronomy and physics students far beyond the classroom with his hands-on, on-site approach to astronomical observation. Although Bauer died in 2003, his memory lives on through a main belt asteroid named in his honor - 4525Johnbauer. "I wanted to pay my little,...

Student finds new direction in life through love of television

Mariana Lima and Mariana Lima

May 8, 2007

By Mariana Lima Contributor The life of a man was never the same after he watched TV. Andrew A. Edwards, 48, discovered a big passion for television production when he saw "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in a 2002 special about what it takes to air her program behind the scenes. "I was astounded," Edwards said. "An instant passion came over me and I decided to make television...

Day of celebration

Josie Salazar and Josie Salazar

May 8, 2007

City College's Language Department, World Cultures Program and Associated Student Government held the annual Language and Diversity Day celebration in Gorton Quad on April 26. The day was for students at City to celebrate their rich multicultural student body with food, dance music and art from around the world. Students were able to travel around to the 'world' tables and...

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