Break in and assault in Career Technology Center


The second floor cosmetology dispensary was the scene of the assault that occurred on Sept. 18.

William Morse

An intruder assaulted a cosmetology instructor after rifling through the teacher’s personal supplies at the Career Technology Center on Sept. 18. The instructor was not hurt and was able to chase the female intruder, who escaped.

According to the teacher, Sudabeh Phillips, she visited the third floor cosmetology dispensary in the V Building and stumbled upon a woman going through her supplies.

Phillips described her as a middle-aged woman wearing a pink tank top and tan shorts with short blond hair.

Phillips said she approached the woman and questioned her saying. “What are you doing?” The assailant replied, “Looking for stuff.”

The assailant then kneed Philips to the ground and took off with two bags of materials. Phillips regained herself and chased after the woman who dropped one bag and continued running.

Neither Phillips nor the campus police know the contents of the stolen bag because of the variety of items kept in the dispensary.

If you have any information regarding the theft, please contact the campus police at (619) 388-6405.