Summer transformation for City


Construction crews continue making progress on the new Science Building which is set to open for spring 2014. Torrey Spoerer, City Times.

Michelle Moran, City Times

Many students at City College might be curious as to when the construction on campus will finally be over. It may seem like the process remains never ending, but there has been a vast amount of change occurring within the past year and more improvements are to come.

Over the past few months, construction on a new science building has been ongoing and is expected to be finished by the end of the summer. According to City’s Campus Construction Manager Tom Fine, new furniture and equipment, audio visual systems and Data/IT infrastructure will be installed promptly so students and instructors can be in the new classrooms come January.

The building will measure four stories tall and house the astronomy, life sciences and physical sciences programs and consist of new classrooms, labs and faculty offices and also have an outdoor teaching garden, a rooftop observation deck and planetarium.

“The Business Technology Building and Arts and Humanities Building project is on track to complete construction by the end of the year,” said Fine in an email interview. After which, preparations will be made for the buildings to have a summer 2014 opening.

The Arts and Humanities Building will include new classrooms, a lecture hall, computer labs and studio space for drawing, ceramics, sculpture and graphics along with a 100-seat black box theater. The Business Technology Building will house business studies, the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) program and business and computer systems as well as common areas and additional space for faculty and staff.

Construction on the “M” and “C” building are to start in the beginning of next year, during February and May respectively. According to an official newsletter from the college, features of the “M” building will include a new student life center and homes for clubs as well as the dean of student affairs, while the “C”building will upgrade the school’s media and performing arts departments.

Fine says the designs for the “A,” “D” and “T” buildings will remain in progress for the next 12 months. Construction for these buildings should not be expected until the next couple of years.

More plans to expand the college remain and construction will continue well into 2018, so students should expect to be surrounded by heavy duty construction equipment for the time being.

The construction and renovations projects have occurred as part of the $1.555 billion Proposition S and N construction bond program.

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