Student Eats: Healthy options on the hill


The Liv Green Smoothie contains cactus, pineapple and various fruits. The Chicken Salad Sandwich includes baby spinach, red onion, slices of avocado and provolone cheese. Photo credit: Franchesca Walker

Franchesca Walker

Juice bars and smoothie spots have recently become popular in San Diego. One is located on University Avenue in a bright orange building in Hillcrest: Liv Juice Bar.

Outside, a banner reads “Raw juices” and another eye-catcher says “Champions are made not born. Eat well.”

Centered in the middle of the juice bar is the heavy list of smoothies and raw juices colorfully written on a black chalkboard. The smoothies have creative names like Peach Dynamite and Choco Monkey. The raw juice menu has creative names as well, with some juices specialized for skin and energy.

The drinks are priced reasonably. The smallest size is a 16 ounce at $3.95 and the largest is the 24 ounce priced at $5.95.

Underneath the beverage menu are photos of sandwiches. Wraps can be ordered as a substitute for the sandwiches based on preference and salads are also another option.

If you’re having trouble choosing from the list of smoothies, the server recommends the Green Liv Smoothie, popular choice for among customers that blends together a list of fruits including spinach, cactus, apples and pineapple.

The chicken salad sandwich is served with a side of fruit and along with a 16-ounce drink, the meal is under $11. Within 10 minutes, the server brings the order and says “Enjoy.” with a smile.

The size of the sandwich is almost startling. The chicken salad inside is a very generous amount, along with baby spinach, tomatoes, red onions, huge slices of avocado and provolone cheese sandwiched between two slices of multi-grain bread.

The blend of avocado and chicken salad in the sandwich creates a creamy taste and the vegetables enhance the taste of the chicken salad.

The Green Liv Smoothie is a light green color. Upon the first sip, the cactus and spinach are the first recognizable fruits. It’s not sweet but it does posses an earthy taste. For those who like to taste the sweetness in a smoothie or who are used to sugary drinks, this smoothie is not the best option. After drinking the smoothie for a while, the apple and pineapple become apparent in the smoothie but the green fruits remain the most prominent.

Liv Juice Bar is an alternative location for those who normally go to popular spots such as Jamba Juice and Robeks. All of the smoothies and raw juices are made with fruits only; no sugar or added ingredients are included.