Decade Review: Social Movements

The past ten years have sparked many social movements.


Melisa Cabello Cuahutle

Women’s March at Downtown San Diego. Photo by Melisa Cabello-Cuahutle

Melisa Cabello-Cuahutle, News Editor

The 2010’s was a decade of progress. From the end of “don’t ask don’t tell”, to youth around the world protesting for climate action, the decade was characterized by breakthroughs. The decade might be over, but there is more to go.

Let’s step back and take a look at what made the 2010’s so great in social movements:

2010- Latinx

Latinx is a gender neutral term used instead of “latino” or “latina,” which have male and female connotations. Although the term first appeared in the 2000’s, the termed has been gaining popularity over the decade. 

2011- Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was a policy that required gay and lesbian military personnel to hide their sexuality. In 2011, the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell took place under President Obama.

2012- #BlackLivesMatter

The hashtag first appear in 2012 after the shooting and death of teenager Trayvon Martin. The movement sought to fight the targeting and murdering of black Americans by police officers. The movement has grown in part by social media.

2016- #NotMyPresident

Following the election of Donald Trump as president in the 2016 elections, people across the country gathered in different cities to protest the election.

Women holding a pink sign that says "True 2020?" crossed out followed by "Thank u, next."
Melisa Cabello-Cuahutle
Women’s March 2019 at Downton San Diego. Photo by Melisa Cabello-Cuahutle

2017- Women’s March

The first Women’s March took place in January of 2017 and has taken place every year since.  Although it started as a protest against President Trump’s remarks against women, the march became an international event.

2017- Boys and Girls Scouts

Historically known for not accepting girls, Boy Scouts of America accepted girls for the first time in 2017.

2017- #MeToo

Me Too first appeared in 2006, but it took momentum in 2017 after The New York Times published an article accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse. The movement grew on Twitter, where women started using the hashtag to share their stories.

2018- #MarchForOurLives

March For Our Lives was organized by students and faculty members of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and advocated for gun violence prevention policies.

2019- #FridaysForFuture

Protestors march during Climate Strike at Mission Bay
Melisa Cabello-Cuahutle
Climate Strike at Mission Bay, September 2019. Photo by Melisa Cabello-Cuahutle

In 2018, teenager Greta Thundberg started a solo school strike to protest lack of action on climate change. Since then, the movement has become global with strikes occurring every Friday around the world.


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