Recruiters, admission specialists visit City College for Spring Transfer Fair

City students meet university representatives for insights on transfer requirements


City students and university representatives meet each other to talk about transfer opportunities and requirements at the Spring Transfer Fair April 25. Photo by Marco Guajardo/City Times Media

Marco Guajardo, Multimedia Journalist

Recruiters and admissions specialists from 14 universities welcomed transfer-minded City College students to the Spring Transfer Fair on April 25 at the San Diego City College A Terrace Plaza.

Organized in partnership with the San Diego Education Consortium, the biannual fair was hosted by City’s Transfer Center. At the event City students had the opportunity to meet with university representatives to gain key insights on each institution’s transfer requirements and enrollment opportunities.

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City’s Acting Transfer Center Coordinator and Counselor Melody Valencia said the Spring Fair was intended to provide students with a comprehensive range of transfer options, including ones outside of the traditional pathways students are familiar with. 

Valencia pointed out various obstacles students may face in working toward their career goals. Missed application deadlines, relocation limitations and impacted university programs were among the circumstances that students were eager to have addressed by recruiters.

Other roadblocks students potentially face which the Transfer Center looked to address, Valencia said, were admissions rejections from universities, work schedule restrictions, GPA and testing requirements.

In-person versus online options and the hesitation of returning to school among adult learners were additional obstacles students may encounter in deciding how to advance their education.

The event’s university lineup provided an effective response to all of the above-mentioned challenges.

Students speaking with rep at table
Students at the City College Spring Transfer Fair speak with a school rep from Point Loma Nazarene University April 25. Photo by Marco Guajardo/City Times Media.

Savi Santos, a second-semester criminal justice student, said she wanted to consider all her options and see which of the universities would best fit her. 

“I found Point Loma would probably be the best one for me since their Criminal Justice is the most prestigious,” Santos said. 

Zakia Jenkins, who is pursuing her general studies, was just looking for future options. 

“That’s why I liked this little program today because I was able to visit a variety of universities and learn more about it and ones I didn’t know (were) in San Diego,” Jenkins said.

Organizers invited university campuses with offices based in San Diego. 

“Even though some of them might be out of state, they have a San Diego site, so students can, you know, explore these options without having to relocate,” Valencia said.