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We get emotional over the holidays

Robert Whaley and Elizabeth Carson December 11, 2012

Whether it is the beginning of a beautiful lifelong partnership, or just someone to warm up your sheets with during the cold December nights, the holidays are a common time to start all kinds of relationships.So,...

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Barrio Logan: living in the shadows of success

Sandra Galindo December 6, 2012

Inequality, that’s what I noticed while canvassing for votes at Barrio Logan during last election. Walking into some of its streets reminded me that segregation is still common, even when census data...

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Keep your laws off my bags

Benny McFadden December 5, 2012

California is again dangerously close to treating it's consumers like Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg did earlier this year: banning a product instead of holding consumers responsible for their...

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Editorial: San Diego county rejects Prop. 30, abysmal voter turnout to blame

November 14, 2012

Voting in a national election isn’t hard, and it doesn’t take up much time. So why did almost half of registered voters in San Diego county fail to cast their ballots on Nov. 6? Voting isn’t just...

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Speaking in tongues

Robert Whaley and Elizabeth Carson November 14, 2012

Many people believe God made mouths for eating, or talking — they are wrong.  There are absolutely no risks of unwanted pregnancies with oral sex, because stomach acid makes the best...

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Obama seeks lower tuition

Michael A. Liggins October 22, 2012

According to a Gallop Poll conducted in April of this year, President Barack Obama is still favored as leader by 60 percent of young Americans ages 18-29. To consolidate his connection with young voters...

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Romney wants private funding

Fahima Paghmani October 22, 2012

If elected as president, Mitt Romney will pursue a sincere education plan to reform interest of students and parents ahead for interest about education and provide a chance for every child to appreciate...

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A ‘fantastical’ Chicano speaker

Benny A. McFadden October 22, 2012

I was lucky enough to catch Chicano activist and Cal State Northridge professor Rudy Acuna at the International Book Fair on Saturday, Oct. 6.  I’ve been to many lectures and readings in the past like...

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All the way

Bobby Whaley and Lizz Carson October 22, 2012

When you lose your virginity, as a girl it’s awkward and confusing; as a guy it’s amazing short. The funny thing about sex is the clumsy way everybody is introduced to it. You probably expected...

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Welfare investigator tours ‘mansion’

Sandra Galindo October 22, 2012

“Mrs. Galindo, the reason I have to talk to you is that papers show that you failed to report all your income,” the public assistance investigator in San Diego, Elizabeth Cazares, expresses to me in...

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We need to know what’s going on in our food

Ally Browne October 22, 2012

Food labels already tell us if a product contains high fructose corn syrup, trans fat or is irradiated. Why can’t we also know if it’s genetically engineered? Proposition 37 gives us the right to...

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Labels are not a solution

Lizz Carson October 22, 2012

California Proposition 37 is a poorly written law that has too many loopholes to be effective.  Although the intentions are in the right place, Prop. 37 would end up costing far more than it is worth...

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