VIDEO: Making hummus from scratch with #CityCookingChallenge haul

Feeding San Diego, San Diego Food Bank provides food for twice-monthly drives

Susana Serrano makes hummus

CTTV’s Susana Serrano makes hummus from the donated food in her Hunger Action Day bag. Susana Serrano graphic

Susana Serrano, Executive Producer, CTTV

Hunger Action Day is back this month, and City Times Media multimedia journalist Susana Serrano took food home and cooked hummus for #CityCookingChallenge on Nov. 2.

Hunger Action Day is held twice a month at San Diego City College.


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Serrano got a variety of items that will complement different dishes. Some of the items she got were cooking oil, almonds, bread, rice and canned goods.

In this week’s #citycookingchallenge, Serrano made hummus with the garbanzo beans provided. In the video above, she mentioned hummus is her favorite side because it’s very versatile and can be eaten for lunch, dinner and even breakfast.

Make sure to check out more #citycookingchallege recipes on Instagram, @sdcitytimes. To learn more about Hunger Action Days, click here.