Lorena Gonzalez winning the 80th District assembly seat

But Proposition 22 appears headed for defeat

Lorena Gonzalez

Lorena Gonzalez appears at the signing of Assembly Bill 5. Lorena Gonzalez photo

Marlena Harvey, News Editor

Lorena Gonzalez tweeted late Tuesday night that she was pleased with the results that had come in for the 80th assembly district, but that she was still patiently waiting for the rest of the votes to be counted.

Gonzalez led by 45 percentage points over her rival, John J. Vogel. She had nearly 73 percent of the vote, as of 10:59 p.m.

Her win was not a surprise for the 80th district, as she was the predicted winner.

But Proposition 22, which addresses app-based driver rights, is headed for defeat. It would overturn Assembly Bill 5, which was authored by Gonzalez in 2019.

Gonzalez also tweeted she would be waking up to help Californians fight corporate greed during her new term.