Lorena Gonzalez pushes #NoOn22

Gonzalez authored Assembly Bill 5, which would be overturned if Prop 22 passes

Lorena Gonzalez

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez supports #NoOnProp22. @lorenaSgonzalez twitter

Marlena Harvey, News Editor

Lorena Gonzalez took to Twitter on Election Day to show her support for #NoOn22 in a push for equal rights for app-based drivers.

California Proposition 22 would change app-based employees to independent contractors.

Lorena Gonzalez is currently on the California State Assembly representing the 80th Assembly District. 

Election 2020 graphicLorena Gonzalez expressed her concern for the “illegal classification” of millions of Uber, Lyft and other delivery service giants around the state, claiming Proposition 22 would take away sick days, equal pay and healthcare from current employees. 

App-based independent contractors would also have to work a certain number of hours in order to receive healthcare benefits that they already currently have. 

Gonzalez updated her Twitter name to Lorena #NoOnProp22.

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